Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm sure some...

of you pigs have already seen this methed out slut on Dlisted, the best blog in all whitetrashdom. I howled as I watched some of this cracked out bitch's really hot moves.

I can't believe somebody didn't shut her the fuck down. I promise you, that if I were on a plane and some worn out old white trash whore was acting like that, we would have an altercation.

If you look close enough, you can see that most of her teeth are gone. This side effect from years of meth will make sucking the nastiest dick in town a special treat. Plus, you know it's hot to jizz on someone's infected gums. Fucking sick.

Looking at pictures of meth online has me craving diet pills. It just makes me want to have anonymous sex and drink a bucket of jizz revolts me.

Anyway, enjoys the clip of this amazing piece of shit. I'm going with Southwest Airlines by the look of those busted "leather" seats. Fucking white trash! Let's take a moment of silence for the poor queen that had to sit next to her.

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