Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you remember...

Robby and Becky? Their white trash "love" continues to medicate my broken soul. During the last few months of my debilitating depression, I've totally neglected them.

According to my "sources," the holidays were pretty rough on them. Robby was eating Becky out and she got a terrible yeast infection from an abscessed tooth. The "recession" hasn't bothered them, as they've clearly never worked anyway. But, as some of you can gather from his adorable smile, Robby still loves to chew on bricks, rocks and chunks of concrete.

I think Robby would make a really great homeopathic "doctor." I know a dear "friend" of mine that could employ him to gnaw on some of his massive hemorrhoids.

For Phil & Veronica

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AT said...

Jesus, pre-Photoshop?